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A Revolutionary Step For Our Ministry

satcomFor four decades, Pastor Benny Hinn has crisscrossed the globe presenting the Gospel face-to-face to more than 1.5 billion people, including the largest gathering in history, 7.3 million people in three services!

Millions of souls each year have accepted Jesus as their Savior as a result of our miracle services and crusades. Yet logistically, only a small percentage of the world’s 7.5 billion people will ever be able to attend one of our crusades or miracle services.

Many of those billions have limited or no access to television stations. Most have Internet access, yet programs dedicated to anointed teaching on the Holy Spirit and the demonstration of signs and wonders have been limited in time, scope, and availability. Until now.

Atmosphere for Healing Network

Introducing a new tool for sharing the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit worldwide!

Did you know that during the past five years alone some age groups in the U.S. have dropped viewing traditional TV by nearly 40 percent?

Meanwhile, watching recorded video on-demand and streaming through the Internet continues to explode.

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Pastor Benny reports:

For years it has been heavy on my heart to start a network that would have the ability to reach around the world into every home, business, and church with the power of God revealed through signs and wonders and with the opportunity to teach about the Holy Spirit regardless of time or distance.

My dear friend Paul Crouch and I had many discussions about this back in the early days of Christian television. We loved talking about the breakthroughs in broadcast stations, satellites, advanced transmission capabilities, digital equipment, and high definition capabilities. Yet through the years we dreamed of something more.

We dreamed of sharing the Gospel everywhere and encouraging the work of the Holy Spirit, through televisions, computers, and handheld devices.

Atmosphere for Healing TV Network Benny Hinn Ministries

The time has come!

2Most advertisers and programmers use this media for entertainment, negative news, marketing messages, and more, but I can see the hand of God directing it for His glory. These breakthroughs allow us to communicate the ministry of the Holy Spirit in new, powerful ways.

Best of all, the Atmosphere for Healing Network will be launched at a fraction of the cost of even one traditional broadcast station!

You have helped Pastor Benny share the Gospel through miracle services, conferences, TV broadcasts, the Internet, printed page, and audio-video recordings. Over the years, hundreds of millions have been led to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God!

But there is nothing he’s done in his past ministry, not even preaching the Gospel face-to-face and through television to an estimated 1.5 billion people, that has the potential to revolutionize our ministry like the Atmosphere for Healing Network.

Sharing the Gospel Around the Globe. Wherever the lost are, whenever it’s needed most!

cell-phone-remote-areaWe are entering a harvest season. We welcome the millions who will hear and accept the life-changing message of the Gospel for the first time and witness the work of the Holy Spirit!

New technology has made it possible to stream our Atmosphere for Healing Network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the homes and hearts of entire nations and regions, even to those who have been totally closed to the Gospel and among those who might never cross the threshold of a church or watch a Christian TV station.

And through these technological breakthroughs, we can now help fulfill the Great Commission in the most cost-effective, time-efficient, instantly impacting, and widespread way possible: through an Internet network that is dedicated completely, every hour of every day, to proclaiming the life-changing and miracle-working Good News of Jesus Christ!

We are now at a pivotal time in history. What we do next with this remarkable opportunity will determine the future of billions of souls.

Why the Atmosphere for Healing Network?

Because network access is exploding around the world, we can’t ignore these facts:

  • There are currently almost as many cell phone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people on the earth (7.5 billion).
  • Nearly half of the world’s population has an Internet connection today (compared to less than 1 percent 20 years ago), and that number continues to expand exponentially each year.
  • There are currently more than two billion personal computers, smart phones, iPads (Apple has sold 170 million iPads to date), and notebook computers already in use around the globe.
  • It is estimated that a half billion more computers, tablets, laptops, and desktop personal computers will ship in this coming year and even more the next year.

That means we have the unique opportunity to share the message of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit with people around the world, regardless of where they live, what nationality they are, or even what faith they currently profess. This is a rare opportunity that we have never had before in history!

A Powerful Tool for Christ Jesus

We’re working with a leader in the digital broadcast industry to design our Atmosphere for Healing Network platform. This company has helped many ministries, businesses, and nonprofit and government clients. Their expertise will allow us to reach millions in a more cost-effective way than ever before. The Atmosphere for Healing Network will feature:

  • Round-the-clock streaming right into homes with a published, easy-to-read telecast schedule.
  • Search for specific programs or themes and watch the content instantly on-demand—whenever you want, wherever you want—on your TV, personal computer, laptop, or cell phone.
  • Access the network initially on a website and through YouTube, and then soon through multiple platforms such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and others.
  • Never miss a program because you weren’t in front of a television at the right time or forget to record a telecast!
  • Live broadcasts and events from both the ministry studio in California and miracle services and conferences across America and around the world.
  • Other leading ministry programs, particularly by those individuals, churches, and organizations that emphasize evangelism by proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are focused on the presence, power, and a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • International ministry programs scheduled to coincide with prime viewing times in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America and are telecast in languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Just imagine the lives we will touch through this unparalleled opportunity. Help us turn the Internet into a powerful, readily available tool for our Lord Jesus Christ!

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