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Atmosphere for Healing Network on an IphoneIt only takes a moment to download the simple-to-use Benny Hinn Ministries app that instantly connects you to a vast world of resources and opportunities from one of the world’s best-known and most far-reaching ministries!

Each day you will find new content added to the thousands of hours of shows, articles, worship music, audio teaching, photos and more.

Our most recent addition to the app is the direct link to the all new Atmosphere for Healing Network.

We have so much more planned, especially as we build a brand new app solely dedicated to the Atmosphere for Healing Network.

Because network access is exploding around the world, we can’t ignore these facts:

  • There are currently almost as many cell phone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people on the earth (7.5 billion).
  • Nearly half of the world’s population has an Internet connection today (compared to less than 1 percent twenty years ago), and that number continues to expand exponentially each year.
  • There are currently more than two billion personal computers, smart phones, iPads (Apple has sold 170 million iPads to date), and notebook computers already in use around the globe.
  • It is estimated that a half billion more computers, tablets, laptops, and desktop personal computers will ship in this coming year and even more the next year.

That means we have the unique opportunity to share the message of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit with people around the world, regardless of where they live, what nationality they are, or even what faith they currently profess.

A Historic & Rare Opportunity

  • Programming you’ll enjoy that includes current and classic This Is Your Day shows, crusade highlights, worship programs, healing services, School of Ministry teaching programs, interviews covering a wide range of spiritual, health, financial, emotional, and family subjects, and much more.
  • Live broadcasts and events from both the ministry studio in California and miracle services and conferences across America and around the world.
  • Other leading ministry programs, particularly those individuals, churches, and organizations that emphasize evangelism by proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are focused on the presence, power, and a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • International ministry programs scheduled to coincide with prime viewing times in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America and telecast in languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

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